Wednesday, March 30, 2016

there's always hope...

Yes, we recently declared The End of an Era. Yes, this (e)thereal blog officially came to a point of semi-closure and a moment of moving on some time back. But did you think I was really gone?... did you think our time together was really over?... is the fool on the hill ever really done?... there is so much more to explore if you want it... there's always hope, ya know?).

Not only are there many dozens of entries left in progress in the notepad scribbles that may be pre-dated and uploaded as if they were always here somday (time is relative, after all), but just as is the case with all the previous dailies (and almost all other blogs and spaces in the written gardens), In keeping with the history (of course I should be sleeping) and traditions (in the bios) of self-inquiry (and creating me) and life (the early years) of the old world (like a fool in the chill) left behind (from the beginning) in this blogging life (and these blogging lives) from the early (behind the candoor) babbles (in The Real(TM)) and rhymes (from planet candora) and fundamental (the funda know) transition (bullsugar) into the last daily (in (e)thereal splendor) with the flurry of others (opinions and complaints) not withstanding in these written gardens, this blog shall find entries uploaded whenever the whim might lead me here (so have no fear as the long strange trip down the long and winding road will continue wherever it may lead just as the song never ends.

Follow the links and you shall find
the never ending story of my heart and mind
if you care and share, be so inclined
and you will never be left behind

I may not always be like a hurricane, but here I am :)

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