Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Could be say no to guns which would be a much more healthy, humane, and heroic motto than the hypocritical say no to drugs soapbox the warhawk's wives have been peddling for years, but it is, for me personally, never give up, never surrender and that is the truth, from the big rocking chair to the core of my being. Years pass, I survive. Most important (or importantly, for your grammatical fevers), hope survives. Belief in love survives. The dream survives.

Even as the people I believe in fail me.

no one picks you up when you are down
when you are giving up
from my experience

stories told about the saddest clown
are never quite enough
for the delerious

tell me how your god is gonna save you
tell me how you care and how you pray
everything you do shows me the opposite
where is all your caring today?

paying for guns, paying for bombs
paying your taxes and closing your eyes
children cry help us and no one responds
you party as the world dies

I challenge you to save the world
I challenge you to live or die
I challenge you to tell me the truth
you hide, you run, you deny
I challenge you to tell me why

I know fear, but I still care. I am almost giving up, but not quite. The real goes on trying to live the dream, trying once again to reach out to you tonight. (e)thereal still reaching for the light. (e)thereal still trying to do what is right.

never give up, never surrender...

narf :)

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