Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Could Disappear

The daily blog before this one supposedly has more than a dozen followers and this one has a few, as I noted. That does not mean anyone reads these words. Certainly there have been no comments recently and just one, a birthday wish, that was not SPAM all year. Thank you for that. The few commenters I've had here over the years know how to reach me through other means, so ultimately, I could literally disappear from the web and my disappearance might not even be noticed for months. That is sad, yet I am not here for the comments or even for you, dear readers. I am here for me first and for the one primarily. If you are reading, I love you for that and I am here for you too, but I don't even know if you are there (in spite of my millions of fan mail from flounders and other species) so it is not always easy to maintain the illusion of you. I hope you understand that and the reality does not offend or hurt in any way. Every now and then, I need to adjust my perspective to return to reality. This is one of those times as I am more alone in the real world than I've been in a long time and I must live in the real world now and then or it will sneak up and cover me with a dark blanket of loneliness and frustration. We don't want that, not do we?

If I disappear, I'll try to write (lol lam lamm - that last one is laughing at my madness).

maybe I meant, don't forget to write...

Narf :)

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