Saturday, June 19, 2010

rest with chinese

woke early enough to get stuff done today like the bank and post office and shopping and a few other tasks and then, back home with a multi-course delish dish of chinese cuisine followed by an even more delish nap... and then the rain poured right on time making the afternoon nap even sweeter, thank you natural forces... woke and took happiness for a walk between raindrops, then jackson and pollock came home and we watched some tv cuz it was raining too much for basketball... polly left now jack's gone to bed and i'll wander the web and write a bit before made...

a productive and relaxing and wonderful day off... hope you made your day a big smile too :)

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all the previous poll votes were somehow erased, so, nevermind... ironically or coincidentally or whatever, the results were very close in practical numbers to the results above shown with just three votes, if you understand the mathematics behind that extrapolative reasoning... i will probably remove the poll at some point... it is a ridiculously useless feature...


the thing is, with my tendency to babble and meander and whine and allow distraction to take the lead more often than not, even in this blog that sort of meant to merge brevity with focus like some bloggers do, searching for key words does not always lead to specific information about the subject of that key word... but... here is a start at an easy way to search for key words in this blog... use the search box at the top of the blog to search for words not listed here... if ya wanna, that is... and feel free to suggest words to add to this search shortcut section... click on the words below :)

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